Old school pom pom sock

Relive the glory days of childhood with these precious and super preppy pom pom socks. They’re easy to make and sure to get noticed!


sewing needle and thread

I followed Eskimimi Makes for this tutorial. Let’s gets started on the fun…
1. Start by wrapping the yarn around the prongs of the fork. The more you wrap, the fuller your pom pom will be. I needed small pom poms, so I wrapped 40 times around (see picture 1).

2. Cut a piece of yarn (roughly 3-5″) and thread it between the yarn wrap, between the second and third prong of your fork (see picture 2). This piece will be used to secure the pom pom. Tie into a knot as tightly as you can.

3. Slip yarn bundle off the end of your fork. Snip through all the loops of yarn, and roll pompom between palms to ‘fluff’. Trim any uneven ends (see picture 3 and 4).

4. Use your needle and thread (or a sewing machine) to sew the pom pom to the ankle of the sock.

Here’s what your finished product will look like! Mine held up great in the wash, but I hung to dry.




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